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Web Referrals...Up Your Online Marketing Game (RALA)

Web Referrals…Up Your Online Marketing Game

Using technology is a winning strategy to gain referrals in today’s assisted living market. 

Are you solely relying on traditional referrals agencies to fill your residential assisted living home with residents or are you taking advantage of online web referrals?

Residential assisted living homes are seeing an increase of up to 35 percent of their move-ins through web-based advertisements. 

This is because seniors and their families are searching online for assisted living housing. 

Savvy internet shoppers are becoming more significant to the residential assisted living industry. 

This is why it is important for residential assisted living homeowners and operators to start doing things differently.

Different Strategy to Sales and Marketing

What are industry leaders doing differently to capture countless internet leads?

Residential assisted living homes that gain more leads than their competitors and colleagues share some common characteristics.

4 Characteristics of Residential Assisted Living Industry Leaders 

  1. Residential assisted living industry leaders are proactive. They are ahead of the curve in searching out and responding to online inquiries. 
  2. They are consistent and persistent at implementing consistent routines and practices within their sales team. As a result, they connect to their referrals. 
  3. They understand that scheduling face-to-face tours are more effective for referrals than phone calls and sending brochures. 
  4. Successful residential assisted living homeowners understand the critical variable of training their salespeople.  A quality sales team does not rely on referral agencies – they create and work their own leads.

As a residential assisted living home owner and operator, if you are not getting leads from Internet sources, you are missing out on a huge audience. 

You can no longer afford to ignore this rapidly growing segment of the market. 

Knowing your target audience and finding innovative ways to connect while enable your sales team to increase your occupancy. 

In addition to seniors seeking residential assisted living homes, more than 70 percent of their children are involved in their parents’ transition. 

How effectively do your website and social media presence target the appropriate audience? 

The Secret to Increasing Residential Assisted Living Home Occupancy? 

The truth is most seniors desperately try to avoid residency in assisted living homes. 

Only 10 percent of retirees are optimistic about the option of an assisted living home, according to a Merrill Lynch study. 

The same study showed that 85 percent of seniors say they prefer at-home care. 

This study only means that increasing your residential assisted living home occupancy can be challenging. 

How do you get seniors interested in the value of your assisted living home?

There is a secret statistic sales teams should always remember – over 70 percent of people are looking for assisted living placement for their parents.

These adult children are your audience – they are the connection to your prospective occupants.

These individuals are generally between the ages of 35 to 50. 

They seek high-quality, comfort, and convenient locations that are accommodating for their parent’s needs. 

Most importantly, this demographic consists of frequent Internet users that are computer savvy.

Your assisted living home should market online to this digital audience in order to quickly fill beds in today’s industry. 

Digital Marketing Strategies 

Maintaining a strong digital online presence means your site should pop up first on google searches. 

There are many web-based companies that will help your business to accomplish this goal.

Demand expertise and a measured return on your investment into web-based services.

In order to achieve premier search engine results and deliver a strong return, secure a company can produce key marketing services. 

Six Key Marketing Services

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

People that are interested in assisted living often search online to find the right fit. This means that a set of keywords and phrases can be anticipated. As a result, it is important to arrange your words so that assisted living home pops up first in search results. This is SEO or search engine optimization in action. 

2. PPC: Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click ads are an effective and affordable way to provide immediate marketing online. The best aspect of PPC is that you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and then to go immediately to your site. PPC ads are inexpensive, attract visitors and enable your sales team to convert leads into prospective residents. 

3. Content Marketing:

Content-based marketing is a great way to attract new residents. Content marketing includes any type of online content, such as web page copy, content on your social media platforms, marketing emails, video, images, e-guides, blog posts, and more. Content marketing enhances your online presence and boosts your conversion rate. 

4. Social Media Enhancing:

Building your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will enable you to keep up with prospective and current resident questions and concerns. Linking your social media platforms, websites, blogs, emails, and other media will drastically increase your leads.

5. Conversion Optimization:

Conversion optimization refers to maximizing the effectiveness of your online content. As a result, viewers are driven to your site. This means staying on top of online search trends and technological advancements. It also means finding your audiences’ pain points. When you can target solutions to these problems or “pain points,” you’ll see a direct positive correlation in conversion rates.

6. Reputation Management:

Your online reputation is a serious contributor to or a detractor from the success of your business. Referral sources, seniors, and their adult children searching for information online should find content that emphasizes your business credibility. Negative feedback online is inevitable, but you can prevent any negativity from impacting your overall flow of operations by proactively mitigating damaging consequences. 

How to Prepare Business Owners for Marketing 101

RAL Academy is the nation’s leading resource for all things assisted living. 

If you own or operate an assisted living home or plan to start a business soon, contact to learn savvy strategies for success.

What is your current strategy to maximize your online potential? 

Residential Assisted Living Academy can help. 

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