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3-Day Virtual Fast-Track Training 

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August 16-18, 2024

Your chance to learn the step-by-step RAL system, live and in-person, including a virtual tour of existing homes. This is the absolute best and fastest way to learn the system for yourself and be ready to take action the moment you leave.

Limited Engagement

You have been pre-selected to join us August 16-18 for the most important online event we’ve done in years!

For one weekend only, we are presenting the 3-Day Fast Track Event 100% online and virtual, giving you an opportunity to join in on the world’s BEST Residential Assisted Living education… without the cost of travel.

If the logistics of travel have prevented you from jumping from onlooker to practitioner, this is your chance to get everything you’d learn in-person with little more than a computer and internet connection.

Spaces are limited and August is fast approaching. Don’t miss this incredible, one-time opportunity!

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to attend this special engagement, you must have the ability to demonstrate you have completed at least 10 hours of Residential Assisted Living Training. This includes:

Hundreds of students have gone before you and here is what some of them have had to say about this experience, the opportunity, and working with our team.

I love the training, it’s been amazing. That moment for me, as I come from a nursing background, is very important. My whole 30 year career has been based on how I can touch other’s lives. I had never thought about this population.

I’ve been to a lot of these things and the amount of value you provide is just overwhelming. This is worth every penny.

I’m really excited to avoid making mistakes you have made made and get going on the fast-track.

I am blown away because we have looked at a lot of different opportunities in the last few years and walked way liking certain aspects of it. But with you guys, the team you have, the information you have, we already feel a part of it.

The help and support you are giving to help us avoid a lot of the mistakes I made is invaluable and worth every penny. It’s amazing the mix between real estate professional, healthcare professionals, and engineers you’ve brought in, it feels like I’m in a good group of people signing up for this. You have a really deep bench of incredibly knowledgeable folks.

We really loved the virtual tours. It gave us a hands-on look on what to actually expect. The one thing that brought a tear to my eye was Jamie’s little baby playing with the grandmother that hadn’t talked for two years and suddenly she was smiling and playing. It was a tear jerker.

We have been searching for a really great opportunity that offers relationships with people who share our same core values. We got a chance to see how powerful the support is. I can’t believe you’ve been able to accomplish this online… phenomenal job! 

THIS is A major opportunity, WITH minor competition, and THERE IS no better time to get started in THIS real estate model for the next 20 years… and beyond!

Everything You Will Learn During This Event

This is a multi-day experience with the singular goal of helping you launch your business quickly and free of avoidable obstacles and mistakes. 

Day 1

Training 7am – 3pm

Day 2

Training 7am – 3pm

Day 3

Training 10am – 3pm

*Times are PST and subject to change.

How to Start, Own, Operate or Invest in your very own Residential Assisted Living Home

The 3 Best Opportunities in RAL now whether you have experience or not

The 5 Keys to being successful in RAL and the 3 mistakes you must avoid

The 10 Step Formula to get started fast and get you to the finish line quickly

How to own and work “ON” your business and not "IN" it

How you can be “HANDS OFF” spending just 5-10 hours a week or less

The RAL 3 Legged Stool and how to use it when structuring your RAL business

How to scale and leverage the RAL Formula to create your “3 Pack” in 24 months or less

... And so much more!

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This event is interactive and enrollment class sizes are intentionally limited to maximize your experience!

🚨 One-Time Only Event 🚨

August 16-18, 2024

Is Residential Assisted Living the Right Opportunity for You

Are you looking for more income? Are you looking for purpose in your life? Are you looking for one and done, make enough money with one single project and sit back, knowing that you’re taken care of? Are you looking for a legacy?

No matter what you’re looking for, Residential Assisted Living can help you get there. 

It provides a great opportunity in real estate and business, but it gives you a great opportunity to help a lot of people while making a lot of money.

The silver tsunami of seniors is coming and you can’t stop it so you might as well take advantage of it.

One way or another everyone will be involved in residential assisted living. You will either own the home, own the business, own both, or lie in a bed writing a big check to somebody else to take care of you.

The 3-Day Fast Track Virtual Training is the best way to take your first step. Register below.