Transportation for Residential Assisted Living

Do you provide transportation? The answer is, “Yes and no.” Let me explain.

When I first got started, I assumed I’m going to have a big huge van, we’re going to take people to the opera, and the ballet, and the senior center, and the library. You know what? Grandma isn’t that mobile. She’s not going out all that often.

If you have a vehicle that the company, your business, uses to provide transportation, consider that there’s liability involved. There’s the cost of the vehicle, insurance involved as well, and then you also must have a driver, whether he/she would be your manager or a caregiver to drive and provide that transportation.

Most of the time, even on a doctor’s appointment, we have the doctors come to us. They come to the house to visit the residents.

If there’s an appointment outside of the home, more than likely, the family member of that resident is going to take them there.

If they need transportation, we can provide that in that rare instance and we’ll charge additional for that, or we can call a cab company, Uber, to come and transport them. If they’d like to have somebody with them in addition to the transportation, we provide the companion for an extra charge.

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