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Smoking Inside of A RAL Home

Should I allow smoking in my residential assisted living facility? Generally, smokers feel passionate about maintaining their right to smoke and having some amount of freedom to express that right. But what does the law say? RAL homes and their staff have a duty to balance residents’ rights with the safety and health of all residents.
Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living — Featured Image

Does Medicare Cover the Cost of Assisted Living?

The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) administers Medicare, the nation's largest health insurance program, which covers 39 million americans. If you have limited income and resources, there may be state programs that help cover some of your costs in some long-term care choices.
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Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with long term services, but times are changing and there are other options of paying for care.
Residential home renovation

Transforming Your Home Into Senior Housing

You have a home that you've lived in for years — the home is big, there are extra rooms, can you turn it into an assisted living home?
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How EASY Is It To Open An Assisted Living Home?

How easy is it to start a RAL? It's a popular question and it's a good question, too! The answer — well, it's simple but not always the same for everyone.
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Business Plans For Opening An Assisted Living Home

Gene shares the two keys to having a successful business plan and five ps to making it all happen!

Transportation for Residential Assisted Living

There are a number of ways to handle transportation for seniors in your residential assisted living homes. Gene Guarino breaks down the options and the methods he uses in his RAL homes.