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The Advantages of Working With a Dream Team

Work with The Best People You Can

During the 1988 Olympic games, the Russians defeated the U.S. basketball team. It was considered a colossal nightmare considering that Americans invented basketball.

In 1992 a change of course was put in place. No longer would America send amateur athletes to face professionals.
We assembled “The Dream Team.”

Assembling the proper “Dream Team,” takes a particular degree of insight into what makes teams operate effectively.
Having a residential assisted living dream team allows you to help other people. This industry is not driven by greed, rather providing the best care in the industry and impacting seniors and their families positively.

Below are seven key steps to take when assembling and managing your residential assisted living “Dream Team.”


Most new entrepreneurs prefer to work alone – they like autonomy and independence. However, this is contrary to what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur.

It’s not a lone walk, but a collaborative one.

It takes collaboration, synthesis, and harmony among a core group of people to make a residential assisted living home a viable business. Team building requires a concerted effort to operate as one with many parts. Teamwork is understanding and appreciating the contribution others make for good for the whole of the team.

The following are Seven Steps to Building Highly Effective Teams. Adhering to these steps will ensure your residential assisted living home operates in a spirit of excellence.

  • Your vision must be supersized, but milestones are like three-point shots that should be celebrated.
  • A shared purpose energizes a highly functional team to dig deep and wide.
  • Team effort demands a collective contribution, involvement and connection.
  • Break the institutional barriers of systems and processes that hinder processes.
  • Identify and create a winning culture of subject matter experts collaborating beyond expertise.
  • Ensure that the team embodies a common definition of success and exude confidence in the vision.
  • Foster solid and respectful relationships amongst teammates where professionalism is integrated with personal life.


When the Russians met the Americans in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, they encountered a dream team:

  • Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls
  • Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls
  • John Stocken of the Utah Jazz
  • Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz
  • Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers
  • Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics
  • Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks
  • Chris Mullin of the Golden State Warriors
  • David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs
  • Charles Barkley of the Philadelphia 76ers

This Dream Team taught the Russians how basketball is played by men who function as team players.

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