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Residential Assisted Living, Now More Important Than Ever

The rising need for senior housing continues to increase despite the global pandemic, which has created a huge demand in the residential assisted living industry. The pandemic has affected every industry in the world in some form or fashion. However, among multiple industries, the need for assisted living remains optimistic.

Baby Boomers are entering their senior years by the millions and watchful investors see the growing need.

Need for what? Senior living homes.

Senior living remains one of the most profitable asset classes in the real estate market for investors – returns top 11%.

Why is this? The Boomers are striking the market. There is a need and the need must be met. The U.S. Census data suggests that the senior population will grow 170% by 2050.

What does all of this mean? It’s time for you to invest where the need is and will be for the next few decades. That’s right residential assisted living is the premiere investment opportunity.

Where there is a need, someone will fill it. Why not you?


Did you know nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers are hitting 65 years of age every day in the United States? In 2011, the same figure totaled 8,000 people daily.

What does this mean? In a word – growth.

When investors examine long-range potential, they look at the growth potential of the market. With that being our premise, that means this market has grown nearly 25% in less than a decade.

The Boomers are entering their golden years in grand fashion.

Will all of these people require assisted senior living? No. Will many of them require help with activities of daily living. Yes. So, this means – get in now.

But, there’s more.

Although there is opportunity all across the country, geographically, the greatest need for senior housing is shifting. Many Boomers live in the Midwest but are relocating in their senior years. Why? Many of their adult children no longer reside in the same place of their rearing.

Opportunities in the United States have shifted from the industrial Midwest and Northeast to the grand comforts of the South. That’s right, folks are moving down south. Cities like Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Jacksonville, and Huntsville, Alabama have seen tremendous growth in their populations due to the information and technology industry.

The geographic shift also includes some western cities such as Las Vegas and Phoenix. Therefore, Boomers are moving. They want time with their grandchildren. They want to be associated intimately with their families and that means packing up the old split-level and heading south or west.

So, whether your Boomers head to big southern cities like Atlanta, or smaller more quaint ones like Huntsville, the need for senior housing is even greater in these areas.


Why should you invest in residential assisted living as opposed to more traditional senior housing?

The answer is quite explosive – the Baby Boomers.

They do not want to live in a nursing home or traditional assisted living facilities. Neither do they want to be restricted in their activities or input as to what goes on in their personal lives.

The Boomers are a unique generation. They shake up everything wherever they go.

Traditional senior housing does not meet their needs or wants. Older facilities lack the personal niche of independence that Boomers demand.

This is why residential assisted living is the investment to make.

Many Boomers have had their adult child swear never to place them in a nursing home. That’s right and they mean it. They will age with dignity and do so on their own terms – this is the nature of the Boomers.

This is also why the residential assisted living industry is poised for growth.


Seniors, adults, young adults, even our children, have had our lives turned upside down because of COVID-19. We can no longer sit by and hope for the best – we must be the best.

The Residential Assisted Living Academy has risen to this mandate. We’ve found ways to navigate these troubling times. Our model of operating lends itself to flexibility and ingenuity.

We believe seniors can and should have both: safety and community. That’s right, a residential assisted living home is a safe place during these times because the sheer number of residents is much lower than big box facilities.

Also, staff are fewer and more consistent.

Residential assisted living staff is just as much a part of the home as the residents. They readily comply with proper safety protocols in order to keep homes safe and active.

One thing this pandemic has revealed to all of us is that it is not good for anyone to be alone. No matter how technologically savvy we become, people still need and will always need other people to thrive.

Residential assisted living is built and engineered physically and socially to meet this need. We know and understand that seniors 65 and older are more susceptible to the viscous nature of COVID-19.

It is also a fact that nearly 50 million Americans fall into this demographic and many of them at some point will need assistance with activities of daily living, safety and community. Safety and community also guard against mental health issues created by isolation. Mental health is vital to a senior’s ability to thrive.

Isolation for seniors is a leading risk factor for dementia, depression, and anxiety.

Again, you can have both, safety and community in a small residential assisted living home.


The need is here – the time is now. It is more important than ever to initiate the process of starting your residential assisted living business now.

The model provided by the Residential Assisted Living Academy is committed to keeping America’s growing population of seniors safe. We will continue to dispense wisdom, share experiences, and shed joy upon all.

Do you want to invest in a market that promises profit both short-term and long-term? Do you want to develop a portfolio that will provide generational wealth? Do you have a desire to ensure our Boomers thrive as seniors?

Contact the Residential Assisted Living Academy today, you do not have to go through this process alone. Experts will guide you through the process during a 3-day course to help you avoid unwanted and unnecessary mistakes.

Start your journey in the residential assisted living industry with a team that has helped nearly 20,000 successful owners and operators.

Contact the Residential Assisted Living Academy now.

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