What is Residential Assisted Living?

The greatest real estate and business investment for the next 25 years.

Use a residential home to assist seniors and build a business for yourself.

How Do I get Started?

⬇️    Before we begin, let's dig into the basics...   ⬇️

Before we begin, let's dig into the basics...

Get A Personal Introduction to Residential Assisted Living

Anyone can find success in the Residential Assisted Living business model. If this is your first time hearing about RAL, your first question should be, “How does RAL work and will it work for me?”

We have prepared a free training taught by RALAcademy Founder, Gene Guarino, and in it Gene will answer every question you could or should have about Residential Assisted Living. 

This intro course is absolutely free, no-strings-attached, and will help you find your role in RAL.

Prepare Yourself to Go Beyond 101

Four additional steps to create a financial legacy

Get Your Silver Tsunami for Free

This book is a true blueprint for individuals who want financial freedom by providing high-quality senior care… and we are giving it away for free!

Everything you need to know to start your business is contained within… get your copy now!

See Potential Profitability

The possibility for life-changing revenue in the RAL business model is real. Revenue that can build a financial legacy for generations to come.

We built a simple RAL calculator tool to help you see for yourself the potential for cashflow

Learn the RAL Formula In 12 Minutes

The RAL Formula works… and it’s 100% driven by the US population. But don’t take our word for it. We want to show you!

In 12 minutes we will make the case for RAL success and let you decide if you’re ready to claim the cashflow available.

Let Us Answer All Your Questions

Schedule a free call with our academy staff

Waiting on Residential Assisted Living is costing you money. Success-minded people are reaping the benefits while you’re on the sidelines. Our team of experts wants to help you get in the game so you can take your next step toward RAL success. Are you ready to find out if NOW is the right time for you?

Our discovery call is a no-obligation opportunity to get all your questions answered.

Ready to Move On RAL?

If you already know RAL is the investment opportunity for you your next step will be to attend one of our live training events. These events accelerate your progress on the roadmap to success!

Click the button below to learn about our events and discover upcoming dates… both live and online.

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