Podcast Guest Appearances

Investing in the US

the Investing in the US Podcast, Gene discusses everything A-Z about how to get started with investing in senior housing. Gene is an expert in residential assisted living, so listening to what he has to say is a great first step in your residential assisted living journey.

Big Mike Fund Podcast

Gene had the opportunity to be part of the Big Mike Fund Podcast to share how he converts residential homes into assisted living. He also shares the in’s and out’s of this market, success rates, break-even points, and some of the nuances that come with this business.

High Speed Alliance

Gene joined the High Speed Alliance Podcast to share his experience with residential assisted living. He explains how he got started and the best ways to be successful.

The Gold Collar Investor

On this Gold Collar Investor Podcast, Gene explains why residential assisted living is worth it. He explains how he discovered real estate investing and residential assisted living and discusses how to be successful in this business.

Cashflow Ninja

Gene was on the Cashflow Ninja Podcast to tell you how to be a part of the great opportunity of residential assisted living. He will share how to achieve a level of security that will give you the lifestyle you desire, increase cash flow, make a difference in your community, and be a part of the huge opportunity of real estate investing with senior housing.

Passive Real Estate Investing

Gene appeared on the Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast to talk about the major demographic and population shift with the huge wave of baby boomers. The number one dilemma for those baby boomers is housing. Getting started in residential assisted living will help seniors with this dilemma while building a legacy for you and your family.

Kevin Bupp – Real Estate Investing for Cashflow

On this episode of the Real Estate Investing For Cashflow Podcast, Gene talks about the unstoppable wave of baby boomers that are going to need assisted living. This creates a huge need for senior housing and an opportunity to capitalize on residential assisted living.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Gene was back on the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast for the second time. Gene teaches people how to turn single family homes into residential assisted living homes, and during this podcast, he goes over how to find the best location and deal with zoning for these homes.

The Side Business Show w/Ike Mutabanna

Gene was on the Side Business Show Podcast to discuss the millions of baby boomers who are going to need assisted living. He talks about why residential assisted living is a more desirable opportunity for seniors than big box facilities for those who want to live in a home-like environment.

Simple Wholesaling Podcast with Gene Guarino

On this episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast, Gene breaks down the process of investing, running, and managing residential assisted living homes, and he has spent over 25 years training people how to do all of those things.

Old Dawgs REI Network

Gene was a guest on the Old Dawgs REI Network podcast to talk about how to make $10,000 a month on a single family home.

Simple Passive Cashflow

As an expert in residential assisted living, Gene spoke on the Simple Passive Cashflow podcast to talk about how he started in residential assisted living, the baby boomer crisis, doing good and doing well, and how he trains people how to start their own residential assisted living homes at the RAL Academy.

Real Estate Espresso Podcast

Gene went on the Real Estate Espresso Podcast to discuss residential assisted living and why he became so passionate about it. He wanted to give seniors a better assisted living experience in real homes instead of big box facilities.

Real Estate Radio Live

Gene joined the Real Estate Radio Live podcast to talk about how to create a home-like living situation for mom and dad rather than a big box facility. He goes into detail about the difference between assisted living and nursing homes, how to start a residential assisted living home, how much money investors can make, and so much more.

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Real Life Real Equity Podcast

As the founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy, Gene has trained thousands of people across the country how to turn single family homes into cash flow machines. He discusses investing in, operating, and developing residential assisted living homes and explains his motto “do good and do well”.