Podcast Guest Appearances


The FUTURE of Real Estate Investing

Gene joined Matt Theriault on the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast to discuss residential assisted living, the demand that is growing significantly, especially during the global pandemic, and how you can take advantage of this strategy yourself!

The Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Video Podcast

Gene was a guest on the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Video Podcast. He shares his life growing up and his earliest business experiences. He also shares his transition into residential assisted living.

Like a Boss Podcast

In the Like a Boss Podcast, Gene shares the great opportunity found with residential assisted living. You can help seniors have the best assisted living experience in a real home while also creating a great business.

Kevin Shortle Show Podcast

Gene had the opportunity to be a part of the Kevin Shortle Show Podcast. As a real estate investor himself, he shared the strategy that all real estate investors should be aware of, investing in residential assisted living.

Anderson Advisors Podcast

Gene was on the Anderson Advisors podcast. We all have family or loved ones who will need assisted living. With residential assisted living, these loved ones get to live in a home-like environment with better care instead of a big box facility. While taking care of seniors, you can also be part of the great business opportunity of residential assisted living.

Lance Edwards Podcast

During this podcast, Gene talks about investing in the mega trend of senior assisted housing. He will go over his early days in real estate and how he got his start in residential assisted living.

Commit to Wealth Podcast

Gene appeared on the Commit to Wealth Podcast to discuss residential assisted living.

Creative Real Estate Podcast

Gene was a guest on the Creative Real Estate Podcast to share his knowledge of residential assisted living. He also talks about assisted living, growth, and cashflow in this industry.

Active Duty Passive Income with Michael Foster

Gene was on the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast to talk about his creative investing strategy. Gene has many years of experience with real estate investing, and he’s going to discuss the opportunity of investing in residential assisted living and the difference between residential assisted living homes and other types of senior living.

Get Rich Education

Gene joined the Get Rich Education Podcast to talk about how to generate a great monthly income by converting single family homes into residential assisted living homes.

The Wealth Standard

On The Wealth Standard Podcast, Gene talks about the opportunity we have with residential assisted living. There is a silver tsunami of seniors that are going to need assisted living, so this is a great time to get into this business and help seniors have great assisted living experiences in a home.

Passive Wealth Strategies Podcast

Gene was a part of the Passive Wealth Strategies Podcast to discuss how to achieve a higher cash flow and greater returns with residential assisted living. Gene’s motto for the RAL Academy is “Do Good and Do Well”, and he explains the importance of this in the assisted living industry during this podcast.

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Gene went on the Real Estate Syndication Show to talk about how real estate investors can be successful by investing in senior housing. He also discusses how to find a good business operator and how to find the right property that would be suitable for residential assisted living.

The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast

Gene was on the Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast to talk about Residential Assisted Living.

AIO Financial Podcast

Emmanuel has been involved in residential assisted living for many years, and he was on the AIO Financial Investing Podcast to share how to operate your own residential assisted living home.