Think Realty Podcast

Emmanuel was on the Think Realty Radio Podcast. He talks about the type of cashflow one residential assisted living home can make, what types of homes work best, which areas are the best for this type of investment, and more.

Best RE Investing Advice Podcast

Emmanuel had the opportunity to speak on the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Podcast. He discusses what residential assisted living is and how you can profit on it.

Real Estate Rockstars Podcast

Emmanuel joined the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast to talk about residential assisted living and how to make a high gross income from it.

Chain of Wealth Podcast

Considered the number one realtor for residential assisted living in Arizona, Emmanuel joined the Chain of Wealth Podcast. He shares about exactly what residential assisted living is and how to get started in this mega trend in investing.

Where Should I Invest Podcast

Gene and Emmanuel were on the Where Should I Invest Podcast to talk about real estate investing and residential assisted living.