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Making Great Videos For Your RAL Business Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (RALA)

Making Great Videos For Your RAL Business Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Information is increasingly being consumed by video content, which leaves only seconds to capture the attention of viewers. 

Does video marketing determine the success or failure of your residential assisted living home?

Creating visual marketing content is critical in our current society, and there are dozens of concepts you can use to produce and distribute videos. 

Every RAL homeowner and operator needs to understand 5 concepts about video marketing:

  1. The Value of Video Marketing,
  2. Easy and Affordable Videos,
  3. Steps to Take Prior to Production,
  4. Knowing Your Audience, and 
  5. Most Effective Distribution Methods.

I. The Value of Video Marketing

The value of video marketing cannot be overstated enough – studies show that videos have a positive effect, especially when used on social media.

Branded social media videos influence consumer opinion and behavior considerably. 

Reports show that 74 percent of consumers agree that there is a direct connection between viewing videos and making purchases.

Buying decisions are so drastically impacted by videos that 46 percent of consumers do so immediately after watching a directly related marketing video.

From brand awareness to buying decisions, videos on social media have positive effects.

It’s frequently said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, a short motion picture used as video marketing for your RAL home is invaluable.

II. Easy and Affordable Videos

There are many companies and independent contractors that specialize in highlighting the key features of your assisted living home.

However, resident storytelling and video production can be simple and cost-effective as using your smartphone.

Video marketing must be a part of your budget in one way or another.

There are inexpensive apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone to also help eliminate added costs.

OneDay is a video-making app that also makes video creation quite affordable. 

Caretakers are able to transform into amateur videographers with the simple use of an ordinary smartphone.  

Apps like OneDay enables RAL home workers to point and record whatever they want to capture. 

Afterward, you can edit your recordings and create a YouTube quality movie. 

So, whether you decide to pay a third-party contractor, hire a marketing expert or use a smartphone, video productions are easy and affordable. 

III. Steps to Take Prior to Production

In addition to filming and editing, there are more steps to marketing videos.

If you want to funnel your prospects into potential residents, there are key steps involved.

The marketing funnel enables you to transition individuals from awareness to interest to consideration to intent to occupy a bed in your home. 

Prospects need to be engaged wherever they are on the marketing continuum. 

In order to do so, considering the following actions prior to starting your video production:

4 Point Pre-Production Action Plans 

  1. Identify your target audience 
  2. Determine your distribution channels
  3. Pinpoint your takeaway message 
  4. Select the best delivery method 

IV. Knowing Your Audience

Prospects come from your primary audience when you create an effective marketing video.

This is why identifying your target audience is a critical first step. In our industry, we refer to that person a “resident.”

Seniors seeking a residential assisted living home and their family members are the target audience for RAL homes. 

While determining the take-away message, approach, and distribution channels consider the prospect demographic and psychographic information.

Target Audience Demographics and Psychographic Information

  • The average age of your future resident is 65 and older
  • Women make up 74 percent of the RAL home population
  • Only 12 percent are still married or have a significant other
  • Most RAL home occupants do not need intensive medical care but require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Senior prospects tend to perceive themselves as 10-20-years younger
  • Most of them do not want to be called seniors
  • They may or may not be realistic about their needs
  • They don’t like to be reminded of any limitations

V. Most Effective Distribution Methods

Demographics vary based on the social media platform you plan to use to market your RAL home video. 

It is best to take advantage of all platforms available, however, market to the ones that have a higher usage amongst potential residents and their families.

The following list details the demographics for the 6 most frequently used social media platforms:

  • Facebook Demographics: ages 50-64 (65%) 65 and older (41%)
  • Instagram Demographics: ages 50-64 (21%) 65 and older (10%)
  • Twitter Demographics: ages 50-64 (19%) 65 and older (8%)
  • LinkedIn Demographics: ages 50-64 (24%) 65 and older (9%)
  • Pinterest Demographics: ages 50-64 (26%) 65 and older (16%)
  • Snapchat Demographics: ages 50-64 (10%) 65 and older (3%)

RAL Academy Offers Continued Support to Best Market Your Home

The RAL Academy is the nation’s leading resource for assisted living. 

If you own or operate a RAL home or plan to start a business soon, contact to learn some of the savviest strategies to occupy every available bed. 

Video content can also be sent out in mass emails, digital newsletters, and shared in various links.

Video content is proven to be more engaging than static images alone. 

Work smarter, not harder. 

RAL homeowners and operators who are comfortable using videos and YouTube are likely to see far greater results. 

Learn how to meet the high demand for senior housing, marketing strategizing that work, and everything from A-Z about owning a RAL business.  

How often do you make new videos to promote your RAL home and keep your brand relevant in a competitive market?

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