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Is Your RAL Marketing Plan Working for You?

Marketing is one of the most important components of a successful business. It is how assisted living homestay occupied with seniors. 

It builds brand recognition, and it allows RAL business owners to expand to various locations.

Marketing is much more complex than basically advertising. While advertising is a part of marketing, it is only a small piece. 

Marketing includes community involvement, public relations, providing customer support, and planning a consistent media strategy. 

Marketing affects the prices of products and services, determines potential clients, requires research and strategy. 

Marketing builds a relationship between businesses and customers. 

Advertising can bring customers in the door, but marketing is what keeps them coming back. 

Properly marketing your RAL home can determine whether you succeed or fail. 

Do you have a Facebook page or a YouTube channel? 

YouTube is nipping at the heels of Facebook, in some demographics, it’s even taken the lead. 

According to the folks at Sage Age Strategies (a Senior Living Foresight partner), senior living communities are finally getting serious about video.

Creating an engaging YouTube channel is an important part of a RAL home marketing strategy.

According to a Spring 2019 Pew Research report, YouTube has a whopping 2 billion active monthly users. 


  • Facebook: 46%
  • YouTube: 38%
  • Pinterest: 15%
  • LinkedIn: 11%
  • Instagram: 8%
  • Twitter: 7%
  • Snapchat: 3%
  • WhatsApp: 3%
  • Reddit: 1%

In the demographic of people ages 50-64 year olds, YouTube exceeds Facebook with these users.

Video is an important part of your marketing your RAL home. 

Many RAL businesses remain shackled.

Staying stuck in your old ways leaves little room for innovative strategies that limit success. 

In order to step outside the shadows of big-box senior facilities, the RAL industry must use YouTube to stand out. 


Contrary to what most people think, video is not expensive. It’s important to check various pricing and evaluate your needs.

Also, calculate the losses you’ll suffer from not gaining the exposure needed to compete with other assisted living businesses. 

Video is powerful.

It has engaging characteristics that bring in leads.

Examples of Senior Living Video Ideas:

  • Virtual Tours,
  • Special Days/Holidays,
  • Events,
  • Outings, and 
  • Interviews with Residents and Staff.


An active YouTube channel does double duty.

In addition to creating a “go-to” place to learn more about your RAL home, it creates a video library to use on your website, during promotions, and for social media campaigns. 

Video content can also be sent out in mass emails, digital newsletters, and shared in various links.

Video content is proven to be more engaging than static images alone. 

Work smarter, not harder. 

RAL   and operators who are comfortable using videos and YouTube are likely to see far greater results. 

For additional information about owning and operating a RAL home visit

This is one business model that satisfies a significant need for surrounding care and housing for seniors.

Do well and do good.

With more than 10,000 baby boomers turning age 65 annually, and 4000 turning age 85, there is a fast-growing need.

Learn how to meet the high demand for senior housing, marketing strategizing that work, and everything from A-Z about owning a RAL business.  

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