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Insider’s Guide to Investing In Senior Housing

The Insider’s Guide to Investing in Senior Housing, “America’s Best Financial Opportunity for the Next 25 Years!” is an exciting new book that you will definitely want to pick up. This text is the definitive handbook for those wanting to discover how to best capitalize on the massive demographic shift called “The Silver Tsunami.”

Written by seasoned business and investment experts, brothers Gene and Jim Guarino share how to participate as an active or passive investor in the exciting new real estate investment opportunity of senior housing.

Read about their journey and what led them to shift their entire professional focus toward educating and equipping others to invest in this relatively untapped opportunity.

Drawing on decades of experience in business and investing, Gene and Jim show you step-by-step how to take advantage of the opportunity in senior housing, while helping others in the process.

There are so many real estate and investment plays out there, but there are few opportunities with such a concrete foundation. In this case, the foundation is based, not on market fluctuations, but on verifiable numbers regarding population demographics in this country.

“The number of seniors in our country is expected to double to more than 72 million by 2030. And by 2050? That number will hit 83 million. However, the senior housing story isn’t just about numbers. It’s about understanding how powerful demographics translate into meaningful trends and changes in our society, our culture and the economy. As you know, we’re living longer, families are working more, and the number of loved ones available to care for our aging population is dropping at a record pace. But the real message here is that this demographic shift is creating both tremendous wants and needs-and unparalleled opportunity.”

What is the cause of this demographic shift?

With the explosion of birthrates in the 50’s and 60’s, the Baby Boomers are now entering into the ages where they will need assistance, and so far, this country has not sufficiently accounted for that dramatic shift in senior population. People are going to continue to age and as they do, society will need to find ways to care for them.

“The Silver Tsunami isn’t just a storm, it’s a multi-decade, record-busting gale.”

This excellent book not only details all the facts and figures pertaining to the untapped potential in senior housing, but it also explains why Residential Assisted Living is the best way to make the most of that potential.

You may not know this but, senior housing has outperformed all other real estate asset classes over the past ten years, including hotel, industrial, office, retail and apartments. “Senior housing has the potential to stabilize your portfolio while keeping it safe as well. In other words, it has a proven track record of weathering the down times.”

Pick up this book and learn how Residential Assisted Living has the potential to give you and your family financial security for years to come.

Gene and Jim’s motto is Do Good and Do Well. Residential Assisted Living is not only a real estate or investment play, but a call to action. Our parents and grandparents are depending on us to create a network of care homes and facilities, staffed with compassionate caregivers to provide for them as they enjoy their twilight years with dignity and grace.

Many are familiar with the concept of a nursing home, and it rarely calls to mind a place that we would feel comfortable sending our own loved ones. Gene and Jim recognized that there is a better way to care for our seniors and they want to show you how.

So don’t hesitate.  Your future awaits.

I hope you enjoy reading it. So, don’t wait any longer, click the link and get your copy today.

Do good and do well!
-Gene Guarino

P.S. Don’t forget to review the book once you’ve finished reading it, and feel free to share this link with anyone else you think might be interested.

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