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Get started free with our free intro course!

Celebrating 10 Years of Doing Good & Doing Well!

3-Day Fast Track in Phoenix, Arizona

Get On the Fast Track to Residential Assisted Living Success

Your chance to learn the step-by-step RAL system, live and in-person, including a virtual tour of existing homes. This is the absolute best and fastest way to learn the system for yourself and be ready to take action the moment you leave.

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Upcoming Training Dates

Join us in Phoenix, Arizona

What to Expect from Your RAL Fast Track Experience

The RAL 3-Day Fast Track Experience is a face-to-face training event to quickly move from interest to investment in Residential Assisted Living.

Here is where you learn all you need to gain confirmation for your RAL business and begin creating your path to opening your first or next residential assisted living facility.

You are in the right place and the right time to take advantage of a real estate investment that pairs perfectly with a business play all about investing in and caring for our seniors. 

This live training is an immersion experience that includes everything from classroom education, curriculum materials, networking hours, facility tours, and real-time interaction with past students, current home owners, along with professionals who are living RAL right now 

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What You Can Do After Attending

Make no mistake, this is a jam-packed multi-day educational experience unlike any other… with one singular goal: to help you launch your business in RAL.

You have the choice of playing one of three roles in RAL… or a combination of roles. Which role is best for you? That’s what we help you discover so you can hit the ground running with clarity.

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Virtual Tour

Experience a virtual tour of ACTUAL, in-service residential assisted living homes.

Industry Professionals

Hear the stories of owners and operators and learn from their experiences.

RAL Case Studies

Gain exposure to real life case studies of operating residential assisted living homes.

Top RAL Home Examples

Gain familiarity with design best-practices and ideal build specs (or renovations).

RAL Networking

Connect with other like-minded professionals from all over the United States.

Beyond the Home

Learn the business principles of RAL, how to navigate regulations, and strategies for filling your home.

Fast Track Event Schedule

Each of our live FAST TRACK events follow an agenda designed to optimize your learning experience, immerse you in the business, and allow you to make beneficial connections.

We provide a format that allows you to learn from real-world examples so you have complete knowledge of not only the process, but how to apply the process to your own business and get real, measurable results.

Meet & Greet

Our students come from all over the country. To get our events started we have an optional pre-event reception, where you have an opportunity to network with your fellow students, as well as direct access to the master trainers.

Fast-Track Day 1

9am to 5pm

This is a full day of in classroom training. You’ll learn exactly what residential assisted living is, how to start one from scratch and how to buy an existing residence. You’ll learn exactly how to find them, fund them and fill them. You will also learn how to operate the home without needing to be on-site. You will get the proven marketing secrets to fill your home and how to find the right staff to operate it.

Fast-Track Day 2

8:30am to 5pm

This is where the action starts. We cover case studies of actual assisted living homes owned and operated by actual RALA students! You will meet the operators as they take us through virtual tours of the homes. Day 2 is the highlight for most students where they truly understand the concept of doing good and doing well.

Fast-Track Day 3

9am to 4pm

This is the day where we put it all together. We analyze the financials of actual projects as well as examining site selection and reviewing architectural design and planning. You will learn how to fund the deal with or without your own money, how to attract investors and how to raise capital. We provide you a systematized proven method to succeed in the residential assisted living business.

Fast-Track Available Dates

Join us in Phoenix, Arizona

Jul 25-Jul 28, 2024

Tickets are still available

Sep 5-Sep 8, 2024

Tickets are still available

The education you receive and the relationships you build will be your secret weapon against any and all resistance.

Isabelle Guarino

COO of Residential Assisted Living Academy

Kevin Lincoln


The RAL Academy day 1 was fantastic with excellent presenters and information provided. I feel very confident we will be able to use the information immediately in opening our very own RAL facility.

Brianna Felz


What a phenomenal 3 days of information. Leaving this event gaining a wealth of knowledge to launch us forward in our RAL business. The attention to not only knowledge but also the personal aspect of feeing that this all comes from the heart and not just the pocket book, is what sets this academy apart from others

Matthew Rhea


A top quality organization with a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. My wife and I couldn’t be more grateful to be apart of the team and to be able to share in there resources. Highly recommended if you have a heart helping others.

Melanie Claborn


I am so grateful to have the support of RALA; Scott Lovitt has been an invaluable resource! I appreciate his wealth of knowledge and willingness to share!

Rodney Gresham


My son and I attended the 3 day event in Phoenix and had a wonderful experience. To say the least, it has been an uplifting and encouraging experience for me. Isabelle, is the real deal; glad to have her as a friend for support. The RALA team and a host of others, have been there when we needed them, and we thank you all. My son and I will continue to work and see this through to the end. We may be slow, but we are working for sure. 🙂 Thank you for all your kindness to such ordinary people, as we are.

Dabuek Colletti


This is a wonderful seminar that introduces the Residential Assisted Living Business model. I highly recommend attendance and pursuing this business opportunity, to help yourself, your family, and the generations before us.


Is Residential Assisted Living Right for You?

Are you looking for more income? Are you looking for purpose in your life? Are you looking for one and done, make enough money with one single project and sit back, knowing that you’re taken care of? Are you looking for a legacy?

No matter what you’re looking for, Residential Assisted Living can help you get there.

It provides a great opportunity in real estate and business, but it gives you a great opportunity to help a lot of people while making a lot of money.

The silver tsunami of seniors is coming and you can’t stop it so you might as well take advantage of it.

One way or another everyone will be involved in residential assisted living. You will either own the home, own the business, own both, or lie in a bed writing a big check to somebody else to take care of you.

The 3-Day Fast Track in Phoenix, Arizona is the best way to take your first step.

*Choose which date you’d like to attend on the next screen.


Your Success In Residential Assisted Living Matters to Us

Engineers, real estate agents, teachers, medical providers, investors, school crossing cards, and people just like you from every walk of life have joined our team in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona for our live, in-person fast track training event.

Their success and your success matters to us. Why? Because more home owners means more homes. And more homes mean better care for our moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas. Your success truly is our success!

Register now and get in on the best real estate play for the next 20 years!

We'll See You In Phoenix!

*Choose which date you’d like to attend on the next screen.

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