Premier Event: AZ REIA Expo in Phoenix, AZ

The AZ REIA Expo is coming to Phoenix, AZ from April 24th -26th and bringing together experts to help real estate investors take advantage of a great opportunity.

America is experiencing one of the longest steadily climbing real estate cycles in history. Now, participants can capitalize on the market by attending this upcoming event.

It’s called the Real Estate Investing: Making it Work for You | 2020 Conference & Expo.

This industry is at a critical point to bring our community together and assist real estate small business owners to navigate both their business and market trends. 

Did you know that AZ REIA is returning to Phoenix with three tracks of learning in 2020?

Three Tracks Of Learning

  1. Core Skills Track: For those new or just beginning their journey into real estate investing, AZ REIA has identified the “Core Skills” every real estate & rental property investor needs, which include: comping & estimating properties & repairs, leveraging marketing for lead generation, and the art of negotiations.
  2. Time & Money Saving Track: Running a small business, regardless of the industry, your two most precious resources are money…AND TIME! We are gathering local industry experts to discuss industry trends that affect the way business is done that will give you more of the resources you want back in your real estate business.
  3. Alternative Investing Track: As discussed in the “Blue Ocean Strategy,” opportunity exists where others aren’t looking or working. AZ REIA explores alternative investment strategies that have begun to emerge with the population and demographic changes happening in the Phoenix/Arizona landscape. This track is sure to help any investor diversity their portfolio and create their own “blue ocean.”

Earning A Million Dollars Starting From Scratch 

Don’t miss this great bonus session Sunday morning. Learning how to set a 5-year goal to earn $1,000,000.

In this diverse panel, four very successful real estate investors will share:

  • How they are making money in the market
  • How they got started investing in real estate 
  • And making $1,000,000 in under 5 years.

The Home Depot Pavilion

AZ REIA is partnering with the Home Depot to create an experiential learning opportunity that focuses on the critical areas of the home. 

This is how doers get more done. 

Be sure to check out the latest rehabbing trends for the kitchen, bathroom, and all the other important value adds of your next real estate project.

RAL Academy Keeps You Connected

Learning more about “RAL Academy’s Top 10 Events of 2020” by clicking here.

Owning and operating a successful RAL home starts with understanding two important key elements of the business and the real estate. 

This Silver Tsunami generation of baby boomers has a huge set of specific needs. 

There is a lot of information and new research needed in order to build and operate a residential assisted living home. 

In addition to attending conferences like the AZ REIA Expo, join an upcoming 3-day fast track training at RAL Academy.

Visit to learn more specific details about owning and operating a successful residential assisted living business. Participants learn everything from A to Z about the residential assisted living industry. Gain the most success possible after attending the accelerated RAL course.

Mike Hambright REI Classroom Lesson Podcast

Gene appeared on the Real Estate Investing Classroom Podcast with Mike Hambright.

Gene Guarino discusses an opportunity to who have land or are buying land that involves building smaller properties that are suitable for the baby boomer generation. Instead of huge properties, a smaller property with just the necessities work well for this generation. Most baby boomers are getting to the point that they want to downsize so that they don’t have to worry about the upkeep. Depending on the size of land you have, you can even create a senior community for those older than 55.

Lance Edwards Green Light REI Podcast

In this episode, Gene discusses his early days as a musician, how he started his career, the definition of residential assisted living, how he got into the industry and much, much more!

Business News Company Interviews Gene About Success of the RAL Academy

Last month Gene had the opportunity to sit down with the team at Superb Crew, a business news website that focuses on covering the most innovative companies from the tech and business world. Making a name for themselves by shedding light on the latest trends and sectors of growth in technology and business, it was only natural that they connect with Gene, founder of the RAL Academy, to discuss his vision behind the successful residential assisted living education model that he created, how it came to be, and where he sees it leading into the future.

Interviewer: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Residential Assisted Living Academy?

Gene: The Residential Assisted Living Academy was formed in 2013. The purpose of the company is to provide the education and resources needed to create, own and operate RAL homes. Our mission is to help create over 1,000 homes across the country by the end of 2020. We are well on our way of doing just that. With over 1,000 people coming through our live and online training, we have seen the creation of hundreds of RAL homes across the country.

Interviewer: You’ve recently released Amazon best seller book that’s changing the game in real estate investing; could you tell us something more?

Gene: The hottest niche in real estate and business is Senior Housing and Assisted Living, according to many studies and financial professionals. The goal of writing the book is to provide, those that are looking to invest in this niche, the baseline information they need to make a good investment decision. Knowledge is the key and the more an investor knows about the industry they are investing in, the better.

Interviewer: Can you give us insights into your training programs?

Gene: We provide live and online training for individuals that are looking to get into the Senior Housing and Assisted Living industry. We cover the real estate investing side as well as the business side, in our training. We hold 8 live trainings each year in Phoenix AZ. People come from across the country to attend this training. The topics cover everything that you need to know to get started and to do it successfully.

We are developing an investor training for those that are just interested in that as well. That training will be launched later this year.

Interviewer: What makes your approach unique? What’s your success formula?

Gene: We are owners, operators and investors in these homes ourselves. That is the perspective that we are coming from as an education company. We do not work inside the businesses as the manager or the caregiver. Instead, we treat this as a business with an opportunity to “Do Good & Do Well”. We show people in a fast and efficient manor, what to do and how to do it. At our live training events we offer virtual tours of our homes so the students can experience and learn it from the “inside out”. That experience provides the context for the content that we provide.

Interviewer: What are your plans for the future?

Gene: We understand that everyone will be getting involved in Senior Housing and Assisted Living one way or the other. Either as a real estate investor, a business owner or as a customer living in someone else home. Right now, you have a choice as in “how” you get involved.

With 77,000,000 Baby Boomers aging by the day, this represents an incredible opportunity. 10,000 people a day are turning 65. 4,000 a day are turning 85. That is 1.4 million people turning 85 this year and every year for the next 20 years. That is an unstoppable “Silver Tsunami of Seniors”

For many it will be a “crisis” because they will be unprepared for it. For those entrepreneurs and investors that position themselves properly, it is an opportunity of a life time, it is like seeing a stock chart 10 years in advance and knowing exactly when to get in and get out.

We are creating the RAL Industry to capitalize on this opportunity. We own and invest in homes and facilities ourselves. We educate and provide resources for others that want to do the same. We are providing the investment opportunities for those that want to invest in these homes and this opportunity We have created the RAL National Association to support and bring the players in the industry together. And in 2020 we are launching an Operations company to service the entire industry.

Learn More About the 3-Day Fast Track

And don’t forget to save the date this year for RAL NAT CON 2019. Join hundreds of others in this amazing industry who are working together to meet the needs of the growing elderly population in this country. This incredible convention provides the chance to get more plugged into the residential assisted living industry and networking with other RAL owners, investors, lenders, equipment suppliers and support service providers that can help your RAL business grow. Be a part of the solution!

– Do Good and Do Well, my friends.

Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

Sooner or Later, every one of us will be faced with the challenges of providing safe and comfortable housing for our aging population. Whether you’re looking for a housing solution for yourself or a family member, or you’re an investor interested in profiting from this need while doing good for others, there is a lot of information you need to know before going down this road.

Obbie Gohar Think Realty Radio

The baby boomer generation is hitting an all-time high. By providing them a place to live you are filling a great need in our country. There are 77 million baby boomers and Gene Guarino with Residential Assisted Living Academy breaks down the real estate and the business side of owning residential assisted living.

To learn more about how you can begin owning and investing in Residential Assisted Living, visit

The Power Play: A favorite segment is back: Smart people saying dumb things about real estate and we are discussing housing affordability.

How to Profit $10K a Month on a Single House — Casmon Capital Group Podcast

After weighing the dreaded decision of placing his mother in a senior home, Gene Guarino realized there had to be a better solution than the big box retirement centers. What he found was a lucrative and underserved niche for senior assisted living homes. Gene shares how this strategy nets $10k per month, per house and why the demand should only grow in the future.

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Chris Martenson and AdamTaggart Peak Prosperity Featured Voices

Gene appeared on Peak Prosperity’s Podcast with Chris Martenson.

About This Podcast

Gene Guarino, founder of Residential Assisted Living Academy, joins the podcast this week to explain the model to Chris, as well as the ways that investors can get involved in this growing movement. Those with capital interested in “doing well by doing good” can participate in syndicates that own the residences, creating more inventory to expand this model to. The investment returns are attractive, as is being a part of a movement to offer more housing options to the fast-growing ranks of seniors looking to live with dignity.