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Can I Get Started In Assisted Living During The Quarantine?

Can I Get Started In Assisted Living During The Quarantine?

Nonessential workers across the country have experienced an altered lifestyle of social distancing, furloughed jobs, and some are working from home. COVID-19 has changed our lifestyles, but wherever challenges occur there is usually opportunity. One great advantage residential assisted living has over Wall Street is that the business is completely driven by our aging population. It is recession-proof. This is why there is a rapidly growing demand in the assisted living industry. The U.S. census gives us undeniable statistics about this increasing demand. With 77 million baby boomers, residential assisted living will remain the biggest boom in real estate investment for the next 25 years. How can interested entrepreneurs get the training and experience needed while everyone is under quarantine?

Home Study Courses At Your Fingertips

Gene Guarino and the Residential Assisted Living Academy’s team of experts have laid the groundwork. Now, newcomers can follow the successful game plan that’s already in play and working successfully for hundreds of RAL business owners and operators across the nation. Of course, you could do it all on your own — figuring out everything as you go — but why would you? Gene Guarino literally wrote the book on How to Start a Residential Assisted Living Business, Blueprint. Now you can start where he has ended up after years of hard work developing the Assisted Living Business Accelerator. While attending the 3-day training, the at-home study course, or reading Blueprint, all paths lead to success. 

Learn Everything from A-Z About Owning and Operating a RAL Business:

  • Find the best real estate locations for the best opportunities in RAL in your area
  • Determine if your current property is a good fit for a RAL
  • Attract the highest paying clients/residents
  • Select properties that will be suitable for a RAL
  • Attract the right investors and partners for RAL success
  • Find the right team to make your life easier and your business more successful

Testimonials Tell The Story 

The level of personalized guidance offered through the training resources of the RAL Academy is unparalleled. Previous students have a lot to say about the information, virtual tours, and networking experience offered at the RAL Academy. 

For an exhaustive list of success stories and testimonials, visit

Just A Few Responses From Previous Students 

  1. “Gene has provided feedback on our business plan and investment proposals every step of the way. The level of care, encouragement, and support that Gene and his team have provided is worth the investment,” said, Jessica E.
  1. “Excellent education with practical examples. The support services available are top-notch. They can really help a newbie get started and go in the business in a short time. Highly responsive and helpful,” said Jason M.
  1. “In September of 2018 we broke ground on our first state-of-the-art level 6 house with 12 bedroom and 6,600 square feet. Our house will be completed spring of 2019. Thanks to Gene and his RALAcademy team we are on the path to financial freedom,” said Donald K.
  1. “Gene and his team are the best! They truly want each and every one of their members to succeed. Great training, teamwork and support,” Dave R.
  1. “RALA has been true to their word with all of their coaching and training. I’m very grateful for their help for the past 3 years and wouldn’t have a successful residence without their help,” said Paddy B.
  1. “The RAL Academy always delivers quality training and experiences! Gene is a great teacher and leader. He is the real deal. He over-delivers and truly cares about the residents and the students,” said Janet M.

Get Started Now     

It is an undeniable fact that the need for suitable senior housing is being driven by the baby boomer generation. The demand is rising daily and the supply is scarce. This is why the baby boomer generation is considered the Silver Tsunami opportunity coming toward the shores of assisted living. Despite future pandemics or economic downturns, quality senior care will remain necessary, and it is a priority now more than ever. About 70 percent of the aging population will need to transition into assisted living homes. Gene Guarino is spotlighting an opportunity for new business owners and operators to get a head start in the industry. With the training offered at the RAL Academy, you’ll get to start the first and best RAL home in your area, in your city, in your state.         

Three Steps To Follow to Launch A Successful Start

1.     Master the Basics of Residential Assisted Living                

Get step-by-step instruction for selecting a high success location, navigating architecture and interior safety. Learn how to pass inspections with flying colors, successfully work through zoning and licensing, and market to attract high-value, low-impact residents.

2.     Employ Daily RAL Operations Like A Seasoned Pro

Discover the secret to filling your home with high-paying residents. Use pre-designed systems for operations, hire a winning staff, and maneuver through the nuances of meals, activities, and other recreation for your residents.

3.     Own A Business that Runs With or Without You

Complete training to bring your RAL business to life including:

  • How to secure start-up capital, 
  • Planning for your first expansion, and 
  • Maintaining long-term success

Why Residential Assisted Living Will Benefit Businesses For The Next 20 Years

This winning business formula will help you to scale your business and profits. In addition to the step-by-step training process that has been developed over five years by Gene Guarino, you will also gain access to shared knowledge. During Q&A sessions, Gene Guarino answers questions firsthand. Get started during quarantine by using the RAL Academy resources like At-Home Study courses and reading the book, Blueprint. Use the right resources to accelerate your vision.

There are three good reasons why RAL business owners, operators and investors will benefit from senior assisted living:

  1. Smaller homes are safer for the residents because they have less exposure to others than they would have in a “Big Box” Community. It’s safer for the caregivers also. 
  2. Interest rates are low, which makes it easier to buy property and to fund your project. 
  3. The demographic shift that is happening is unstoppable. The Silver Tsunami of Seniors is coming.

Visit  and learn how you can get ready for the next big investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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