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Business Insight: Get Google Working for You

Stop what you’re doing and start making your marketing efforts intentional. Before you make another decision about your web-based marketing, consider optimal strategies.

Prior to posting your next blog consider the competitive totem pole – your content will determine whether your digital analytics move up or down.

Do you understand how the content you write in your next blog can determine if your site is positioned on page one or get lost in a long line of internet searches?

This means you must deploy the right set of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. In order to help your website become more discoverable, there is a process you should use to increase traffic through search engine results.

Search terms related to your brand is critical.

Google uses algorithmic updates that work to the advantage or disadvantage of marketers that understand the importance of targeting a specific audience.

Google goals are similar amongst all users:

  • Serve up the best possible content for your audience
  • Create a user-friendly and positive web-based experience
  • Prioritize content that offers significant value


Every company has a unique and different strategy to accomplish their goal of achieving the right analytics.

Google analyzes millions of websites, while you’re analyzing your specific audience’s behaviors.

Google uses more than 200 ranking signals to decide what happens to a piece of content.

The algorithm pays careful attention to specific search signs.

This is why keywords must be intentional in web-based content if businesses plan to focus on their SEOs.

Writing blogs for residential assisted living without paying close attention to semantics and search intent is a sure way to get lost in the world wide web.

Focus on SEO to expand your web audience by using the following strategies:

  • Using specific keywords
  • Write creative content that benefit readers
  • Format metadata information in ways that Google can better understand

Optimizing your website will allow you to guide visitors to specific goals to advance your business objectives – be intentional.

Remember, Google aims to provide users with the specific content they are looking for, is your content aligned with Google’s objective?

Understanding how to achieve your business goals for residential assisted living requires optimizing your website for SEO to create a better relationship between your website and search engines.


Search engine optimization will determine your entire digital presence. So, being intentional can cause your business to launch to the next level or waste a lot of marketing dollars.

“People don’t realize how critical SEO is,” said Debra Gawet, Social and Digital Content Strategist Supervisor for SageAge Strategies. “For instance, if someone is googling communities in your area and your profile is optimized, you’ll appear high on page one. If not, you won’t show up at all.”

Having a solid residential assisted living business marketing strategy will determine the outcome of your SEOs.

This is one way the Residential Assisted Living Academy is giving students a head-start in the industry. It takes great content to grow your brand awareness and build relationships in today’s digital society.

Gawet says, “If you’re not doing this, you’re missing the point.” Always start with providing helpful and relevant content that will help prospects.

This intentional approach will increase your SEOs which makes all the difference with your digital imprint and industry influence.


  1. Listings
    Optimize your assisted living home on Yelp, Google My Business (GMB), and any other listings you have. Monitor your profiles. They also need to be optimized and updated for SEOs.
  2. Blog Posts and Other Content
    Relevancy, quality and quantity are equally important. Be sure your content contains keyword phrases, page header, and tags for SEO optimization.
  3. Social Media Posts
    Make use of all information on social media channels – these platforms are very relevant, especially in the assisted living market. When your content is shared on social media by others, it will help drive more traffic to your website. Social media posts have the potential of seriously boosting your web rankings.
  4. Digital Ads
    Use pay-per-click advertising and paid social media advertising to increase your web presence, all these strategies work hand-in-hand.
  5. Assisted Living Website
    It’s definitely worth hiring an expert team to optimize your website. Your site must be easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, and regularly updated. This is where you really need to hire a professional team to optimize your website, making sure it’s easy to use, updated regularly, and mobile-friendly.

Assisted living is a competitive marketplace. There needs to be a content marketing strategy behind everything you put out there.


Resist the impulse to avoid intentionality by recognizing that each piece of content, whether a blog or a post, is always connected to the goal of your assisted living home.

There are several key factors to consider about blog content:

  • Length and format of your blogs,
  • Links embedded into your blogs,
  • Keyword phrases needed within your blogs, and
  • Content Optimization.

Always go deeper into optimizing your web-based content by repurposing your content to give each piece a longer shelf life.


Remember, it’s not just about keywords, but intentional and informative content that is useful to your audience.

Make sure there is a higher purpose behind your content. For instance, this current blog that you are reading is not only beneficial for an assisted living business.

The content within this blog has a higher purpose of educating business owners, operators and marketers about the importance of how to get Google to work for your business.

Without a higher purpose, a story within a story, you might waste a lot of time and money on content that no one will ever see.


Optimizing your website for conversions by improving the user’s experience will accelerate your marketing goals.

Are users able to easily navigate throughout your site?

It is very important that users are able to quickly and easily find what they want. This means it is important to have a web team that focuses on the smallest details to keep users satisfied and coming back for more resources, reading, and relationship building.

There are several things to consider for site conversion:

  • Homepage Identity
  • Logo
  • Navigation toolbar
  • Sidebar
  • Format

If removing or altering one of these elements would harm your user’s experience, get rid of it. Everything on your page should be focused on driving your traffic toward the call to action that you want users to take.


When you take the step to starting your own residential assisted living business it’s important to understand how you will market your brand.

A large part of that comes down to your online content and how to grow your web presence.

SEO can prove extremely complex but knowing the basics will give you a running start.

Begin by collecting as much data as you can and conducting thorough research. Write content geared toward your audience, but make sure it’s better than your competitors’.

Create separate campaigns for on-page and off-page SEO.

Make sure your site loads quickly on both desktop and mobile and that you’re attracting backlinks as much as possible.

Then figure out how to optimize your website for conversions so you don’t waste all that good traffic.

Focus on the user experience and the patterns you detect through user behavior reports.

Over time, you’ll see traffic and conversions increase based on your hard work.

Furthermore, even older content can continue to work hard for you. Don’t discount your efforts as only relevant to the moment.

If you create solid evergreen content, you can attract traffic — and generate conversions — for years to come.

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