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The Insider’s Guide to Investing in Senior Housing, “America’s…

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Success Story — Peak Care

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What Does A Residential Assisted Living Home Look and Feel Like?

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Obbie Gohar Think Realty Radio

The baby boomer generation is hitting an all-time high. By providing…
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Residential Assisted Living Technology

As the pace of technological advancement quickens and its products…
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A Day In the Life of An Assisted Living Caregiver

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Residential Assisted Living — The Investment Number

There is undeniable mounting evidence that points to Residential…

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Doing Good and Doing Well After 50

Recently I was reading an AARP Bulletin article titled “Great…
Residential Assisted Living Academy Podcast Appearances

Chris Martenson and AdamTaggart Peak Prosperity Featured Voices

Those with capital interested in "doing well by doing good" can participate in syndicates that own the residences, creating more inventory to expand this model to.
Residential Assisted Living Property

The Valuation of a Residential Assisted Living – The Real Estate and the Business.

This valuation has two parts. Think real estate on one side…

Transportation for Residential Assisted Living

There are a number of ways to handle transportation for seniors in your residential assisted living homes. Gene Guarino breaks down the options and the methods he uses in his RAL homes.