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Smoking Inside of A RAL Home

Should I allow smoking in my residential assisted living facility? Generally, smokers feel passionate about maintaining their right to smoke and having some amount of freedom to express that right. But what does the law say? RAL homes and their staff have a duty to balance residents’ rights with the safety and health of all residents.
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Does Medicare Cover the Cost of Assisted Living?

The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) administers Medicare, the nation's largest health insurance program, which covers 39 million americans. If you have limited income and resources, there may be state programs that help cover some of your costs in some long-term care choices.

Addressing Critiques of the Residential Assisted Living Model of Senior Housing

There are many myths and questions around the residential assisted living business model. These questions can be obstacles for people who are unfamiliar with residential assisted living.

Residential Assisted Living Solving the Millennial Burden of Caring for Aging Parents

Millennials who are facing a more competitive workforce may be able to start a RAL business, and generate significant cash flow, potentially for decades, while also providing a suitable living environment for elder loved ones.

RALAcademy Students Hitting Home Runs

“Positioning is everything.” Don was looking for an investment opportunity and began preparing before he was even sure what it would be. He attended the 3-Day Fast Track course at the RAL Academy, got inspired and learned the strategy for entering the residential assisted living market.
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How Much Does Residential Assisted Living Cost?

Residential Assisted Living has an average national cost of $3,750 per month. However, most people want above average, and some people can’t afford it. This separates the question concerning the cost of assisted living into 3 categories; low-incoming senior living, options, average priced assisted living, and luxury assisted living facilities.
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Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with long term services, but times are changing and there are other options of paying for care.
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Transforming Your Home Into Senior Housing

You have a home that you've lived in for years — the home is big, there are extra rooms, can you turn it into an assisted living home?
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How EASY Is It To Open An Assisted Living Home?

How easy is it to start a RAL? It's a popular question and it's a good question, too! The answer — well, it's simple but not always the same for everyone.
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“I Got This Guy Completely Wrong” – A RAL Confession

When people first hear about the RAL Academy and the investment…
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6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Searching for Assisted Living

As a residential assisted living home owner, the best way to…
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Mike Hambright REI Classroom Lesson Podcast

An opportunity to who have land or are buying land that involves building smaller properties that are suitable for the baby boomer generation.
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Attracting Seniors to Your Residential Assisted Living Home

As the Silver Tsunami continues to grow larger on our shores…
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Business Plans For Opening An Assisted Living Home

Gene shares the two keys to having a successful business plan and five ps to making it all happen!
Residential Assisted Living Academy Podcast Appearances

Lance Edwards Green Light REI Podcast

In this episode, Gene discusses his early days as a musician,…