Invest With Key with Keyan Chang

How to Start Owning a Residential Assisted Living w/ Isabelle Guarino Talking about the future when you reach old age may be taboo to some of us but in reality we should be ready. What more when you want to have your own Nursing Home, are there ENOUGH RESOURCES for you? With our today’s guest, […]

The Real Estate Mastermind Podcast with Jay Tenenbaum and Seti Gershberg

Senior Housing Crisis And Giving Back To Your Community With Isabelle Guarino The senior housing crisis is upon us. With over 77 million baby boomers preparing to retire over the next several decades, they are going to need homes. This is where Residential Assisted Living or RAL comes in. It is a home for seniors […]

House of Horrors Podcast with Bonnie Galam

3 Pitfalls in Residential Assisted Living with Isabelle Guarino-Smith We all know about househacking but have you ever heard about hacking senior living? Well this week’s guest on the podcast did just that! Isabelle Guarino-Smith shares how she got into Residential Assisted Living and 3 Legal Landmines facing investors in this asset class. In this […]

Flip Talk Podcast with Don Costa

Senior Housing: Investing In Residential Assisted Living With Isabelle Guarino Smith Do you want to invest in the real estate industry but looking for a different new spice in it? Don Costa welcomes Isabelle Guarino Smith on The Flip Talk Podcast. Isabelle, the COO at Residential Assisted Living Academy, dives into investing in residential assisted living. Senior Homes […]

1000 Houses with Mitch Stephen

Assisted Living Cash Cow With Isabelle Guarino If you’re a single-family investor, then you fix and flip, buy the home, renovate it, sell it, and get out of the job. As soon as you sell it, you must get another one and do it again, and another one and do it again. That’s not cash […]

The Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing

Impacting Lives and Community by Investing in Residential Assisted Living with Isabelle Guarino In this episode, Isabelle Guarino breaks down residential assisted living and the importance of providing quality care and support for the elderly. Discover this niche’s advantages over the traditional and huge senior care facilities, and why demographics should be the top factor […]

Real Estate Disruptors

How to Generate More Revenue than a 50 Unit Apartment Building with One Single-Family Home Isabelle Guarino of Residential Assisted Living Academy discusses how to generate more revenue than a 50-unit apartment building with one single-family home. Watch the Real Estate Disruptors Podcast