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RALA Success Stories: Brad & Angie

With 15 years of real estate investment experience in rental properties, construction and property development, residential assisted living just seemed to be a perfect fit. Brad and Angie looked at this investment opportunity and said, “We needed this. Our community needed this.” From their experience, one of the biggest benefits they got from the RAL Academy was the support system. People who had been there and done it before were just a phone call away to answer questions and get advice on project specifics. And though they had a few roadblocks along the way, they kept focused. “We always have to keep in mind why we’re doing this. We’re wanting to provide the best quality care we can for seniors.”

The Side Business Show w/Ike Mutabanna

Gene was on the Side Business Show Podcast to discuss the millions of baby boomers who are going to need assisted living. He talks about why residential assisted living is a more desirable opportunity for seniors than big box facilities for those who want to live in a home-like environment.

Simple Wholesaling Podcast with Gene Guarino

On this episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast, Gene breaks down the process of investing, running, and managing residential assisted living homes, and he has spent over 25 years training people how to do all of those things.

Old Dawgs REI Network

Gene was a guest on the Old Dawgs REI Network podcast to talk about how to make $10,000 a month on a single family home.

Simple Passive Cashflow

As an expert in residential assisted living, Gene spoke on the Simple Passive Cashflow podcast to talk about how he started in residential assisted living, the baby boomer crisis, doing good and doing well, and how he trains people how to start their own residential assisted living homes at the RAL Academy.

RALA Success Stories: Jeff

Looking for a career change from a corporate aerospace 9 to 5 job, Jeff looked into real estate and after running the numbers found that he would need to invest in 60 units to match his income. Upon hearing about residential assisted living and the potential to make that same net profit with just one or two single-family homes, it was clear that this was the right choice for investment. Having attended the RAL Academy 3-day training and completing the home study course, Jeff just opened his spacious nine resident home in Tucson, AZ and is on this way to filling it. He and his wife have a goal of expanding to four RAL homes and eventually even helping his employees run their own assisted living homes one day.

What’s Your Why? RALA Success Stories with Timothy & Helga

Music theory professor and professional musician, Timothy and Helga turned their experience with single-family rentals into an amazing residential assisted living business with their first home. They wanted to broaden their investment, but also, create a lasting legacy by helping others, so naturally they turned to residential assisted living. For them, it’s all about the “why.”