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This Will Be the New Normal

This life-changing pandemic has taught us so much, about community, resilience, flexibility and connection. But one thing that has stuck out is that in assisted living, things need to change. Caring for seniors as we have done for decades is no longer viable. A new normal is here.

You Need This Now More Than Ever

This year is going down as the year of disruption. This can be great for those poised to capitalize on it, but not so great when it affects our productivity. This pandemic has challenged our productivity in a big way, but it doesn’t have to limit you. There are things you can do right now to get back on track.

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

If something is worth doing, people will find a way to do it, but many new entrepreneurs fear rejection.
So, how do business-minded individuals take the leap of faith? The key is to not take rejection personally. Learn to see rejection as an opportunity to find another way.
No one likes rejection, but in business it is part of life.

Why Is Smaller Better in Assisted Living?

When it comes to business and investing, bigger is often better. Not in senior housing and assisted living. The business opportunities in residential assisted living are incredible, and the market is only going to grow for the next two decades. Are you ready to meet the demand?