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RAL Homes Provide Better Resistance to Coronavirus

With 24-hour media coverage and a constant barrage of new information, the coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. But what does it mean for senior communities? Considering the smaller numbers of seniors living in close proximity and better caregiver-to-resident ratios, residential assisted living homes provide a better environment to protect against coronavirus and to more effectively deal with outbreaks when they happen.

Why RAL Makes Level of Care Easy

Residential assisted living is the perfect environment for most aging seniors. The lower resident-to-caregiver ratios and the comfort of living in a home give RAL providers a leg up on the competition. Additionally, establishing a clearly defined path for levels of care makes it easy for potential clients to see exactly what you have to offer.

RALA Success Stories: Justin

Like many students, Justin heard about RAL Academy through The Real Estate Guys. Impressed with Gene’s approach to investing, he was prompted to check out our 1-day training in Kansas City and then the 3-day fast track course in Phoenix, AZ. The key to success for Justin, “It’s all about the systems.”

RALA Success Stories: Donald & Talinda

Motivated by a passion to help people and seeing first-hand the issues with their parent’s senior living environments, Donald & Talinda jumped feet first into residential assisted living. Determined to raise the standards of care, and being brought up by an extremely entrepreneurial father, Donald had the right mindset to seek out and follow through with the opportunity in assisted living investing. It was persistence that led to success.

Residential Assisted Living Marketing…Healthcare or Lifestyle?

The market is changing as the old model of senior housing and nursing homes is met with the growth of the residential assisted living home model. The future of assisted living marketing will inevitably adapt from a needs-based strategy to a wants-based one. Instead of pushing seniors into homes, we are drawing them in with superior care and a whole host of service-focused amenities.

Do You Really Know Assisted Living?

What do you think of when you hear the term assisted living? For many people, it conjures up images of large facilities filled with old people sitting around tables looking lonely. While this might have been somewhat accurate decades ago, today’s assisted living communities are full of activity and excitement. With residential assisted living, seniors are living fuller, happier lives in comfortable settings that feel just like home.

Premier Event: AZ REIA Expo in Phoenix, AZ

We are living in one of the longest real estate cycles in United States history. What may have worked for you in the past perhaps won’t work moving forward. AZ REIA is poised to bring together subject matter experts from Phoenix, Arizona, and beyond to have a conversation around where opportunity exists and what the 21st-century real estate investor looks like.