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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start

As the baby boomers age, the massive wave known as the Silver Tsunami is beginning to be felt. The number of seniors who need assistance with activities of daily living is growing by the day, and this is creating an incredible opportunity for those who want to do well financially while doing good in their communities.

Finding Success with RALA: Julie & Dean

Sometimes the path isn’t always straight and easy, but with persistence and the proper guidance, Julie & Dean were able to turn their real estate investing experience into a thriving residential assisted living business. Their family is an excellent example of what it means to Do Good and Do Well.

Success with RALA: Alou

Alou is one of our Residential Assisted Living Academy students finding success in her journey with residential assisted living. One of the ways she is getting where she wants to go is through accountability and support. Do you have someone helping keep you accountable for your business goals?

Senior Housing Yields Higher Returns

There are many ways to invest your money and resources these days, stocks, commodities, EFTs, crypto, real estate, etc. But with all the countless choices out there, where should you make your investment? Surprisingly, senior housing returns are heads above most other business and real estate options.