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The Elite Entrepreneurs Podcast with Brett Gilliland

From Hustler To CEO: Making The Great Transition From Integrator To Visionary With Isabelle Guarino That transition from entrepreneur to CEO is where most seven-figure businesses get stuck. When you’ve been boots on the ground for too long, you start to believe that nobody is better than you in doing the things you ought to […]

Raising Private Money Legally Podcast with Kim Lisa Taylor

How to Set Up a Residential Assisted Living Syndicate with Isabelle Guarino In this podcast, host Kim Lisa Taylor and special guest Isabelle Guarino of RAL (Residential Assisted Living) Academy explore the nuts and bolts of setting up a residential assisted living facility, including using syndication to fund acquisition and retro-fitting of the building, obtaining […]

Passion for Real Estate Investment Podcast with Fuqual Bilal

Episode 135: Isabelle Guarino Residential assisted living homes have proven to be a profitable and sustainable investment opportunity for real estate investors. With rising demand, low competition, and high-profit margins, investing in residential assisted living has become attractive, especially in today’s market. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of senior care services, making […]

Real Finds Podcast with Gordon Lamphere

Surfing The Silver Tsunami: Investing in Residential Assisted Living | Surfing The Silver Tsunami: Investing in Residential Assisted Living Welcome to the Real Finds Podcast, hosted by Gordon Lamphere, Sales & Leasing Director at Van Vlissingen and Co. Today, we have a very special guest, Isabel Guarino, Chief Operating Officer at Residential Assisted Living […]

The Ultimate Guide to Assisted Living Staff

Residential Assisted Living Staff

Assisted living staff are the backbone of every assisted living facility. The senior care staff provides care and support to senior residents and their families, they implement the policies and procedures of the assisted living home, and they are the face of the senior housing business to the community. From housekeeping jobs in nursing homes […]

Investing in Large Versus Small Assisted Living Facilities

Start Small - A Guide to Investing in Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities have become a hot topic in investing because of the growing demand, potential revenue, and recession-resistant nature of the assisted living industry. Professional and novice investors alike have seen the scaleable success that has come to men and women who have no real estate background or business ownership experience, and now they […]

Buying An Assisted Living Business for Sale

Buying An Assisted Living Business

Assisted living businesses have become an increasingly popular option for investors due to the lucrative nature of the industry combined with the rising demand for these facilities across the nation.  As the aging population continues to expand, the demand for these businesses surges as well. There has been a rapid growth of Residential Assisted Living […]

Multi Family Insights with John Casman

How to Retire through Residential Assisted Living with Isabelle Guarino We talked to Isabelle about her investing and education journey in senior housing and we got into the nitty-gritty of the residential assisted living space. A Hybrid Business Model Residential Assisted Living 101

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