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RAL Academy’s Top 10 Events of 2020

Here is a list of the RAL Academy’s can’t-miss events of the year. This is your invitation to one of the most rewarding investment opportunities of a generation. The silver tsunami of seniors is on its way and they will be dependent on a robust community of assisted living providers. Can you afford to miss the boat on this investment?

How to Strengthen Your Senior Housing Brand

How is your senior housing brand image? Do you know how your local community sees you and what they think about you, or whether they even know that you’re there? How can you boost your brand? These are all questions that should be on the mind of any residential assisted living business operator. Your brand image has a lot to do with your success, so it might be time for a quick check-up.

It’s Never Too Late to Use Music to Make an Impact

The human mind has endless potential. Unfortunately, we often limit that potential by our own fear or lack of imagination. We never know just how much of an impact we can make on those around us simply by engaging with the things we are most passionate about. Seniors today are more engaged, connected and actively pursuing their passions than ever before, and they are inspiring others in the process.