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Navigating Through Challenging Projects

Every new business or investment venture comes with its own set of challenges. Nothing worth doing is without difficulties. The question is, when those obstacles surface, and they will, how will you deal with them? Here are some helpful ideas for facing challenges in business.

Marketing & Sales Tips to Boost Senior Housing Occupancy

Marketing and sales are two vital yet different components of any successful residential assisted living business. With occupancy rates an ever-present issue on the minds of RAL operators, how can you be sure that your team is best set up to achieve your goals? Is your RAL occupancy where you want it to be right now?

The Most Important Questions to Ask About Your Branding

In a world driven by competition and marketing, your brand is everything. The same is true for residential assisted living. With the massive influx of new potential residents, courtesy of the baby boomer generation, is your RAL business poised to stand out from the competition? Here are the basic questions that you need to be asking about your brand.

Marketing to Your Audience

The life of a RAL operator or manager can be busy. So much time and energy is spent within the bubble of senior housing, but do you know how your business looks to outsiders? How are your marketing efforts perceived by those who are outside of the assisted living industry? It’s important to look around once in a while and get a more objective view of your RAL business and how others view it.

Your RAL Website…The Key to Your Success

In today’s digital age, the importance of a website to boost your organization’s sales cannot be overstated. The same is true when it comes to residential assisted living. You may have an excellent business and provide an amazing service, but if people don’t know you’re there or can’t easily find you, it severely limits the impact you can have on the market. Is your RAL website everything it can be?

How to Handle Medication in Assisted Living

Who is responsible for dispensing and keeping track of the resident’s medications? Although residential assisted living homes are not medical facilities, they still require certain procedures to ensure the health and safety of residents. Prescribed medications and supplements aren’t something to leave to chance. Is your facility’s medication management up to par?