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What Is Residential Assisted Living?

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“Residential Assisted Living Academy has developed and perfected a unique formula that will allow you to take advantage of the massive growth in the senior services market and protect your money while securing your financial future from economic downturns, market crashes and even job losses.”

— Gene Guarino, Founder of Residential Assisted Living Academy


The average cost for a private room in an Assisted Living Facility in the US is over $5,350 per month.


A single family home can net you $10,000 per month or more!

*No guarantee of income or profit is given. Presented for educational purposes only.

The Opportunity


The average cost for a private room in an Assisted Living Facility in the US is over $5,350 per month.


In the United States right now there are 77,000,000 Baby Boomers.


A single family home can net you $10K per month or more! We don’t guarantee profit or income—but we do guarantee that the opportunity is there!

10k & 4k

Of the 77,000,000 Baby Boomers in America, 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 and 4,000 are turning 85

The #1 dilemma for these Baby Boomers… Housing! That dilemma is YOUR OPPORTUNITY. Just ONE home can secure your financial future… FOREVER!

Our Proven 3-Part Formula


Find It

Maximum cash flow for your residential assisted living home is directly tied to selecting the right home in the right location. From there, our formula goes in depth covering the 3 things you MUST KNOW about RAL to make sure you don’t fail before you get started.


Fund It

There are endless ways to finance and fund your business. Our formula highlights the five most effective options for RAL. Raising capital is essential and we’ve identified five turn-key strategies that save you from years of frustration, lost revenue, and missed opportunity.


Fill It

RAL is only successful when your home is filled and we teach the 10 quickest ways to fill your residential assisted living home for MAXIMUM CASHFLOW. Using the our proprietary RAL™ “hands-off” management system, you control the business—not the other way around.

Insights Into RAL

Is smoking allowed in assisted living homes?
How do you handle medical marijuana?
How do you handle medication?
What transportation is involved in assisted living?
Does the facility manage the resident’s finances?
What is the average day for the residents of a residential assisted living home?
Can I use my own house for residential assisted living?
Can I do residential assisted living with or without my own money?
How are these funded?
Isn’t this too difficult with all of the Regulations/Barriers to Entry?
This wouldn’t work in my state.
How can seniors afford RAL?
Do I need to be a nurse or doctor to own or operate a RAL?
Is finding staffing for your RAL an issue?
Can I do this in an HOA neighborhood?
What does it cost to live in a Residential Assisted Living home?

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This free training answers every question and gives you peace of mind and confidence moving forward into the lucrative world of Residential Assisted Living.

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Free Copy of Living Legacy

Learn about the residential assisted living industry, get answers to the most important questions, tips for hiring staff and filling your home, and how to attract financing… all in Living Legacy, Invest in your community while creating significant cash flow.

RAL Bootcamp

Learn the step-by-step blueprint to disrupt the senior housing industry and build the ultimate legacy asset – your own profitable and rewarding residential assisted living home.

The Opportunity

Residential Assisted Living is a real estate deal wrapped in a business model that can easily produce $10,000 in NET cashflow.

The Formula

Learn about the simple, 3-part formula developed by our experts and successfully implemented by our students from across the country.

The Reviews

We train people to realize their role in the residential assisted living story. Listen to their stories and hear their reviews of RALAcademy.

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