The Baby Boomers are Coming and This Silver Tsunami of Seniors is Unstoppable.


The Best Opportunity In Business

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Coming to

Dallas, Texas

Sunday, September 30th
8:30AM – 3PM


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  • Get TWICE the fair market rent on your single family home

  • Eliminate vacancies and maintenance on your rentals

  • Attract LONG TERM and LOW IMPACT tenants

  • Turn a Rental Home in to a highly profitable CASH FLOW MACHINE

  • Earn $10,000 or more NET per month with a single family home

  • Do all of this with only 5-10 hours a week in time, from any location.

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Senior Housing… This is Your Moment

From Now until September 21st:
Save 50% with Promo Code: DALLAS50

Whether you are a real estate investor or an Entrepreneur, if you are looking for the best opportunity in real estate or business for the next 20 years, this is the place to be.

Have you started building your retirement nest egg or has it derailed?

Looking for a way out of the Rat Race?

Are you wanting additional retirement income?

It’s not too late!!!

 Come learn more about how you, too, can Do Good and Do Well with Residential Assisted Living Homes

Hilton Garden Inn DFW North Grapevine

205 W State Hwy 114 76051
Grapevine, TX

Here’s What People Are Saying:


Carla M.

RAL Operator


Hal C.

Plant Manager/Engineer


Karren C.

Real Estate Investor


John B.

Real Estate Investor

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If you are looking for a solution to your problem, the answer is the mix of real estate and the biggest opportunity of our lifetime to ever hit the USA. To learn more about Residential Assisted Living, how to do this yourself and have the potential to make $5,000, $10,000 or  $15,000 net per month from a single family home, be sure to reserve your seat now for this very special, invitation only, LIVE event. You owe it to yourself to not miss this. These seats are first come, first serve. Don’t miss out, reserve your seat now!

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Reservation is limited!

From Now until September 21st:
Save 50% with Promo Code: DALLAS50

Early Bird Pricing is $49.

Regular Pricing is $97.

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