One Surprising Secret to Lowering Illness in Your Residential Assisted Living Home

We here at RALA love sharing great things that have worked for us. This little gem Gene lucked into as a side effect of his constant striving for the betterment of his RAL home residents. Keep reading to get this surprising secret for yourself!

The flu this season has been an especially tough one. The news has reported the high toll of hospitalizations and deaths specifically related to this strain of flu. Interestingly, Residents in Gene’s homes have been doing much better than the rest of the population. We all know that the elderly are highly susceptible to airborne illnesses and in residential homes one person catching the flu means that it can get passed around very quickly (anyone have kids in school that have brought home ‘something’?).

So what is Gene doing differently than everyone else? Here’s the secret. Many of you may have heard that a few of years ago Gene installed IONaer devices directly into the HVAC systems in the homes. Phoenix doesn’t get a lot of rain except during Monsoon Season and studies have shown that the air we breathe inside our homes and offices is dirtier than outside air, even in the large air polluted cities like New York or Los Angeles.

So his original reason was just to improve quality of air, but then something unexpected happened… the caretakers started noticing a drop in the number of residents getting sick. It was several months into having the IONaer in the homes that they were discussing the drop so perhaps it was a fluke? Maybe it was just a slow flu season? The house did seem to have a boost in mood and energy from the IONaer that could be felt when you walked in the front door, would that be enough to lower illness rates in the RAL?

So was it just a fluke? Turns out it wasn’t! After 3 years of having IONaer in Gene’s RAL homes, illness has dropped dramatically and stayed below normal. The nice thing is that IONaer can be added into an already established system and is not a large expense for such great results. Perhaps, another air filter device might work, but we know for sure that the IONaer made a difference for Gene’s homes including this highly contagious flu season.

Feel free to contact them yourselves at www.ionaer.com for detailed information on how this might work for your home too.*

*Nope we don’t receive a referral fee. We just want you to have the insider scoop on what really works and where to get it.