Creating Purpose and Profit with Seniors in Assisted Living – As Seen on SharkTank

I don’t know about you but SharkTank is a weekly staple in my household (truthfully, I DVR a bunch and then binge watch skipping the commercials). I’ve had friends on SharkTank and there is a lot of the presentation and negotiation conversation that gets cut out, but I still learn a lot about objection handling and negotiation plus seeing wonderful products, one of which directly relates to us Residential Assisted Living Home Professionals.

Sarah Oliver is a successful small business owner that makes boutique worthy hand-knitted hand bags. Notice I said ‘hand-knitted’ and that’s where seniors in Assisted Living homes just like yours help Sarah fulfill her orders. The knitters are called, “The Purlettes + 1” because there is one man who also participates. The seniors get paid for their work and they love that they are participating in being part of a growing business. The group usually knits together as a social activity with lots of talk and laughter.

Purpose is one of the things that usually disappears from senior’s lives when they enter an Assisted Living Home. Studies show that life quality perception increases when people have a purpose. In Europe many elder care homes have the elderly do a simple daily chore/project that they are in charge of, like wipe down the counters, sweep the kitchen, or water the plants. These unassuming chores, or ones just like them, can be implemented easily and give a proven psychological and physical health boost to your residents.

For more information on how Sarah hired the Purlettes + 1 take a look at the website www.saraholiverhandbags.com where many of the Purlettes have featured stories of their wonderfully interesting lives and how much they love having purpose. This is perfect for an activity that not only gives your seniors purpose, but also profit! Sarah is growing and is looking for other “Purlettes” for making handbags, maybe it could be someone in your RAL!

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