Can I Do this in a Home that I already Own?

One of the questions that I get quite often is, can I do this in a home that I already own? The answer is maybe.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The home itself is one thing, but…

The location is really the critical point. Where is that home?Tweet this!

What if the house is an hour outside of town, over the river and through the woods that is great once a year to go visit grandma at the holidays, when you want to offer to have mom or mom and dad in a home, you want to be able to visit without inconvenience.

d28-gg-a-pic-3You want the home to be close to you, so location is key, more important than the fact that you own the home. It’s not a question of can you own the home and use that home for assisted living, it’s should you do it in that home that you’re in?

If you’re serious about your plan for your future, about your financial freedom, and you are ready to DO GOOD and DO WELL, this is your opportunity to act.

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Gene Guarino

Founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy.
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