Upcoming Events:

Gene’s Upcoming Appearances:

July 8th – Indianapolis IN – CIREIA (Indiana) REIA

Gene Guarino, National Speaker: Making Money in Assisted Living. Followed up by a Saturday Event with details. Guaranteed 90% educational day!

May 25th-27th – Cleveland OH – Mr. Landlord Expo

Are you tired of hanging around landlords (or worse yet, friends or co-workers who do not have a clue) who are continually talking about their “limited funds” associated with rental-property, instead of looking for NEW ways to do things? If so, we invite you to join us as we discover new ways to CASH FLOW IN AND OUTSIDE THE BOX for three full days at the upcoming Annual MrLandlord.com National Convention in Cleveland OH, May 25-27, 2017.

August 8th & 12th – Los Angeles, CA – REIA

Information coming soon.

June 15th-17th – Austin TX – National REIA

The National REIA MidYear Leadership Conference offers innovative approaches to many of the challenges you face every day. From membership engagement to technology management, you will learn about the latest approaches to these important issues. Come and immerse yourself in 3 full days of education, networking, and inspiration.

September 21st & 23rd – Michigan – REIA

Information coming soon.

July 19th-22nd – Las Vegas NV – Freedom Fest Expo

At FreedomFest, you will: Join thousands of dynamic, like-minded individuals, Engage with over 250 experts and leaders in their field, Meet the geniuses behind the liberty movement, Find exciting investment opportunities to benefit your portfolio, Network with the best free-market and pro-liberty think tanks and organizations, Enjoy a full three and a half days, chock full of compelling debates, exciting panels, rousing speeches, social events and much more!

October 3rd & 7th – Minneapolis, MN – REIA

Information coming soon.

September 9th – Houston TX – Realty 411 Expo

Don’t miss the opportunity to network and mingle with TOP INVESTORS from Texas and guests visiting from California, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida and more.

September 15th-16th – Dallas TX – SOSS

Real estate syndication is simply when you put together a group of investors to share the risks and rewards of bigger deals or a bigger portfolio. That’s all a hedge fund or a mutual fund is. It’s how most big-time real estate investors do it. You don’t have to be Donald Trump to do multi-million dollar deals. You can start out syndicating small deals and work your way up!

3-Day Fast Track Events

your chance to learn the step-by-step RAL system, live and in-person, including an on-site private tour to existing homes to interaction with owners and staff – please visit the below link. This is the absolute best and fastest way to learn the system for yourself and be ready to take action the moment you leave.