Upcoming Events:

3-Day Fast Track Events:

January 11-13, 2018 - San Antonio, TX - Alamo REIA
Senior housing is the best opportunity for the next 20 years in real estate investing. You will learn how to step-by-step capitalize on this mega-trend opportunity. You will discover how to generate substantial cash flow, how to get twice the fair market rent with long-term, low-impact tenants and how to get a secure ROI.
January 24-27, 2018 - Las Vegas, NV REIA
Assisted living and senior housing are “THE” hot topics in real estate, business and investing and will only be getting hotter for the next 20 years. Seniors need help in their last years of life and we are teaching you how to take advantage of this silver tsunami. Cash flow to last a lifetime!
February 8 & 10,2018 - Baltimore, MD - MA-REIA
Gene will be speaking on the 3 best ways to invest in Senior Living! Don't miss this opportunity to learn how Maryland is one of the best states to get started with Assisted Living for Seniors! 
February 17-18,2018 - Dallas, TX - SFR Expo
Come visit Gene at the booth, say hello and discover how RALAcademy is the best option for single family home rentals. It will out last all downturns in the economy and provide and secure and stable income for your life. Learn more at the SFR Expo in Dallas.
February 24 & 25, 2018 - Dallas, TX - Think Reality
Baby Boomers, The Golden Girls and Assisted Living. The Opportunity of Your Life Time is Here - Right Now Gene Guarino, Founder of The Residential Assisted Living Academy and International Expert on Senior Housing and Assisted Living, will share with you the "3 Best Ways to Profit from the Silver Tsunami of Seniors." The Baby Boomers are aging and living longer than ever before. The real estate landscape is changing dramatically. Many experts believe we are at the top of the current cycle in valuation. "McMansions" are out and "Tiny Homes" are in. Understanding where the future of housing in America is going is critical to your success. Texas is one of the Top 3 locations for Residential Assisted Living. The state is friendly and the need for senior housing is huge. Now is the time to get ahead of other investors and ride this wave to shore. Timing is key in life and the timing for senior housing is now. If you are looking for significant residual cash flow and an ever increasing market demand that is simply unstoppable, senior housing is THE place to be. Come early to reserve your seat at this "one time only" presentation by Gene Guarino, International expert on senior housing and assisted living.
February 25-March 3,2018 - National REIA Cruise
Gene will be there! Will you? This is an incredible gathering of REIA leaders from all across the U.S. Here's here to promote Assisted Living and this new trend in Real Estate investing.
March 7-9,2018 - Dallas, TX
Learn top trends in the Assisted Living market, hear whats happening behind the scenes with the big boxes and see why RALAcademy has the next best option in Assisted Living investing.
March 10,2018 - Dallas, TX - Dallas 1 Day
This class is for those that are interested in learning what Residential Assisted Living is and how they can participate in this incredible opportunity to help others and make a tremendous income. Doing Good & Doing Well Whether your background is real estate, medical, professional, entrepreneurial, salary, hourly or retired, this is an opportunity to learn all you can about this rapidly expanding industry, directly from a leading national expert.
March 15,2018 - Scottsdale, AZ Pitbull Conference
Gene will be sharing about the amazing investing opportunities in the Assisted Living world in Arizona and the U.S. at large. Don't miss this segment on how to invest in RE's next best trend over the upcoming 20 years.
March 15 & 17,2018 - New Orleans, LA REIA
Do you like to be ahead of the curve with your investing? Come learn from Gene Guarino how to secure a future with cashflow. Seniors are the answer!
April 4-14, 2018 - The Real Estate Guys Summit Cruise
Gene can't wait to attend this amazing cruise put on by the Real Estate Guys Radio Show! Not only will there be awesome content, but the entire cruise is educational and fun. Learn from Gene and others like Robert Kiyosaki how to invest in new trends and secure a financial future you can count on.
April 7, 2018 - San Antonio, TX - SA-REIA
Learn step-by-step how to capitalize on this remarkable opportunity. You will learn how to generate mega-cash flow, how to get twice the fair market rent with long-term, low-impact tenants and how to get a secure ROI.
April 21,2018 - San Antonio, TX - San Antonio 1 Day
The bottom line, more people need help and there are simply not enough homes and beds available today to meet the demand that exists today. And that demand is growing exponentially for the next 20 years. Residential Assisted Living is the perfect solution to this crisis level problem and we are in a fantastic time and place to participate and profit from this as well. Timing in Life is Key to Your Success. The Timing is Now. Gene will share with you his proven formula for turning a single family home into a cash flow machine with Assisted Living. He will share how you can earn $5,000 to $15,000 NET monthly income with as little as 5-10 hours a week in work. Truly working ON your business and not IN your business. Whether you want to simply own the real estate, operate the business or be a passive investor, Gene will share with you the best ways to participate in this industry right now.
April 26 & 28, 2018 - Philadelphia, PA - Philly DIG REIA
Learn How to Create a Profession Income (or... Replacement Income) by Converting One Single Family Home into an Assisted Living Home. Learn How to Turn One Single Family House into a Monthly $5,000-$15,000 Cash Flow!
May 14-16, 2018 - Phoenix, AZ - Arizona REIA
There are 10,000 people a day turning 65. And even more incredibly, there are 4,000 people a day are turning 85. People are living longer then ever and they're needing more help and assistance then ever before too. The need for Assisted Living in Arizona and throughout the country is reaching a critical point.

This is your chance to learn the step-by-step RAL system, live and in-person, including an on-site private tour to existing homes to interaction with owners and staff – please visit the below link. This is the absolute best and fastest way to learn the system for yourself and be ready to take action the moment you leave.