Warehousing our Elderly AND Losing a Fortune. Is There a Better Way?

Like almost all families, when my mom entered advanced aging and needed help, my siblings and I couldn’t find the support we were looking for. Mom needed help every day and I couldn’t quit my job to do that for her – I had children to provide for, after all.

My brothers and sisters had the same situation. We quickly realized that with over 4,000 people turning 80 years old every day, that is a reality faced by millions and millions of Americans.


We either had to hire somebody to be with our mom full time, or we had to put her into a home. We tried and tried, but could not find anything that wasn’t a “big box” home. They were all apartment buildings, or worse, hospitals. A few even tried to look and feel like a home, but they still missed the mark. Mom had lived her whole life in a home, was moving her into a “facility” our only choice?


I committed myself to creating a solution, and after a lifetime in real estate investing, I created dedicated myself to not only owning small residential assisted living facilities – but also teaching this model all over the country.

As soon as I opened the first one, there were lots of people that said, “That’s what I want for my mom,” and the house quickly filled.

By the way, I wanted someone to teach me all the vital details about owning my residential assisted living home, and nobody would show me how. I had to figure out every aspect about how to do it; what to do and what not to do.

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Not only is this one of the most meaningful investments you could ever create, it’s also one of the most lucrative. Not only does it NET $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 positive cash flow. You don’t have to use up your parents’ live savings when they’re in this position.

And you do not have to work IN your residential assisted living, if you know how, you can

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You can build your Residential Assisted Living home in any state (but there are certain areas where it’s better to build your home(s) than others).

For each state, each city, each location (right down to the neighborhood), there’s good, better, and best.


I’ll show you exactly

where, when, why, who,

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But you must decide, if learning DIY or in a classroom is better for you. You can do this training online, at your own pace, or you can do it in a live training (where you get the DIY library as my gift, to help you implement everything you learn); that choice is yours.

If you’re serious about creating a solution for YOUR family, and building wealth and financial freedom, or creating more time to live your life and impact on the world around you, this is your opportunity to act.

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Do good and do well.

Gene Guarino, Founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy.


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