One of the questions we get is: “How about the caregivers, are they live-in or do they do shifts?” The answer is: it depends.

Usually, when you are just getting started, you’re probably going to have a caregiver who is going to be live-in. He or she is going to take care of the residents during the day and at night; they are sleeping while the residents are sleeping. That person is on a 24-hour shift. He or she is probably going to work five days out of the week. You’ll have somebody else that will replace them two days during that week.

One caregiver can handle 3 or 4 residents.Tweet this!

Once you get to 5 residents, I suggest that is where you’re probably going to bring in the second caregiver. Then you’re going to expand to your 8, 10, 12, however many residents you’re going to have in that home, you will need to add caregivers accordingly.


Again, you can also have live-in caregivers 24 hours every day, but shift work could be 8-hour shifts or 12-hour shifts. It just depends on how it works within your home, how you’ll decide to work that business.


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Gene Guarino

Founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy.

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