What’s the first step in getting started for residential assisted living? Well, I’m going to just say right off the bat, “Learn as much as you possibly could, before you start anything.” I’d rather learn from your mistakes than mine. Does this make sense?

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People make a big mistake. They say, “I found a great home I’m going to open up this business with it.”

Think about that, for a second. Let’s say you’ve found the perfect place for a restaurant. It’s just gorgeous. The views are magnificent, there’s a beautiful kitchen, a beautiful dining room, the ambiance is perfect, but it’s two hours away from all humanity. Nobody’s going to come, unless it’s incredibly amazing in which case you’re going to be on the cover of every culinary magazine!

I don’t want that. I want you to be in the right location. I’m going to open up the right restaurant in the right location, for my clientele. Residential Assisted Living is just same. It’s location first.


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Gene Guarino

Founder of the Residential Assisted Living Academy.

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